Quality support that delivers results

Quality support that delivers results

The support provided by our teams covers a broad spectrum of needs to meet all our contractual commitments to our clients.

We’re here to help:



– Through an app provided to the client. Identified users can log in and post their questions or report a fault. All requests are transparently time-stamped.



– By phoning or emailing the client’s Scaled Risk contact person directly during the time periods specified in the contract, if direct contact is needed or depending on how urgent or critical the issue is.



– By support provided remotely in the client’s environment, when the resources have been provided to Scaled Risk, which undertakes to comply with all the security rules inherent in the client’s implementation of remote support options.



– On-site support, as required or allowed by the situation, either because the client does not permit remote access by Scaled Risk, or because the request requires direct intervention on the client’s site or infrastructure.



The services covered by Scaled Risk’s Support and Assistance service include corrective and scalable maintenance of the Scaled Risk DMP, which is regularly updated as part of the user license.



We also offer an additional and optional operational readiness management service for clients that want to delegate all aspects of platform administration and operation. This service is included in the Scaled Risk user fee for the Cloud option.