Collaborative data platform to create interactive analytics and operational reports

Effective and efficient collaboration around centralized data

IT and businesses work together on an integrated platform to format data and quickly produce analyses and reports.

Data Integration
Search engine
One-click data preparation

Production ready from the first data import

Scale up from a self-service project to corporate production in a few clicks. Don’t just promise innovation, deliver it.

Manage updates, duplicates and corrections
Automatic data refresh
Smart resource allocation

Deploy and iterate with the agility of a lab

Scaled Risk delivers agility. As you scale up, your platform will evolve to meet changing business and data needs.

Editable data views
Automatic versioning of data and models
Temporal version management

Governance, security and audit features tailored for regulated industries

Finance, defence, public sector: Scaled Risk is the only data platform built by regulated sector experts.

Unlimited “time-travel” requests
Audit trail of user actions
Kerberos authentication and end-to-end encryption

Open system connecting seamlessly with your ecosystem

Build your applications and run your data science uses driven by high-calibre and constantly updated data.

Custom data processing in views with UDFs and JEXL
Incorporation of external calculation libraries
ODBC (SQL), Spark (Python, R) and REST API connectivity