Innovative Data Solutions
for Finance and Corporates

Scaled Risk is an innovative financial software vendor.
Our collaborative and configurable Data Platform allows our clients
to accelerate the implementation of their Data projects.

They trust us

An automated data platform quickly providing
the analysis you need for your business, when you need it

Automate repetitive reporting
and quickly roll out new value-added services

Cut reporting costs, optimize strategy and roll out new services.

Leverage more data for smarter and deeper analytics in real time. New customer experience, ESG, alternative assets: Scaled Risk helps you to fine-tune strategy and automate your reporting, while guaranteeing data quality and traceability.

Consolidated data and ESG calculations
Automated MiFID II and PRIIPS reporting
Daily analysis of inflows and outflows
… your specific need

Improve customer service while optimizing risk management.

Centralize your customer and contract data, tailor data views by risk need (credit, KYC, etc.) and draw on deep, high-quality data to optimize risk models.

Streamline KYC and AML/CFT due diligence with consistent customer data updated in real time
Ensure BCBS 239 compliance through centralized credit risk calculations that can be audited over time
Simulations of new models and Data Science
… your need specific need

End-to-end control of the data chain for all your calculations and Solvency II reporting

Scaled Risk’s solutions arm you with the solutions and scale you need for quality and granular data on all your assets (under management or not), and the tools to set up a dedicated, harmonized Solvency II repository.

Harmonize assets in a single Tripartite Solvency II reporting template (TPT)
Asset look-through on demand
Consistency checks on financial instruments
… your specific need

Efficiently manage data volumes and accelerate roll-out of new strategies.

Scaled Risk helps you consolidate orders, transactions and market data quickly and efficiently to deploy real-time algorithms and ensure MiFID II and EMIR compliance

Transactions consolidated in a single platform
Real-time aggregation (P&L, VaR)
Real-time calculations (algos, market surveillance)
Support for EMIR and MIFID II reporting

Successful projects backed by our team of
data + finance experts

Technology isn’t everything. Finance is data-intensive.
The issues are complex and you need access to dedicated support.

Consulting & Analysis

So you know where you want to go but not how to get there? Our teams will analyse and structure your needs, frame a plan, identify target ROI and KPIs.

Configuration & deployment

We’re here to manage your project from beginning to end, from platform deployment to calculating VaR or credit risk.

Run & ROI

We’ll take you out of the lab. The projects completed on our Scaled Risk model are scaled and profitable.

Cloud or On-Prem

Pay per use
Pay per use
Scaled Risk
Bi, Spark
2M rows
5 user
Azure, AWS, OVHCloud, OBS
Single server
Bi, Spark
Unlimited users
Azure, AWS, OVHCloud, OBS, On-Prem
Cluster mode
Business specifications
Functional configuration
Technical configuration
Tailorded solutions

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