Multi-criteria analysis of performance and risk

Decouple your performance and risk analyses with an aggregate intraday view of all instruments.

Performance and risk are commonly analysed in a siloed structure, by instrument (funds, mandates), strategy or asset class, yielding heterogeneous datasets compiled by different methods that create a complex challenge when it comes to aggregating or enriching these statistics.

Yet, it is critical for firms to have sophisticated and multifaceted analytical capability to derive a deeper and dynamic understanding of how multiple factors correlate and to compare performance/risk factors enterprise-wide.

Designed to meet these challenges, the Scaled Risk platform quickly integrates siloed data in their native format (instrument yield, repository, benchmarks), automatically cleanses the data and generates real-time, ready-to-use views. By integrating repository data and breaking down data silos, the platform allows users to consult performance and risk data based on unlimited criteria: strategy, category, country, currency, manager, and more.

The Scaled Risk platform incorporates the most complex reconciliations and calculations and updates them in real time so that you have your data and key BI indicators available for consultation at speed.

All data and calculations are historicized and immediately available.