Track assets under management and commercial performance

Quickly pinpoint inflow and outflow trends and react swiftly to suggest targeted sales actions for each investor category.

Analysing the portfolio under management is an onerous task that asset management firms often neglect. Answers to what appear to be simple questions can be hard to find: What percentage is held by which investor category? Which investors account for the highest inflows/outflows in the past few days? Which investors have withdrawn the highest amounts? What was the impact of a particular commercial initiative on such-and-such an investor category? Which products and countries outperformed or underperformed last week? Who are my best agents?

The difficulty lies not in the analysis itself (amounts, averages, etc.), but in the fragmentary nature of the data: CRM by agents, S/R files sent by the custodian, repository managed by the product team, etc. Manually reconciling and ensuring the quality of the data is a mammoth job that generates little value added.

Scaled Risk’s data automation platform automates integration of siloed data (CRM, custodian, repository, etc.), quality processing and reconciliation, including financial calculations. What does this mean for you? Business-ready data in a consolidated, clean and continuously refreshed view of subscriptions and redemptions by investor category, product, country, and more.