Asset Management

The asset management industry is at a crossroads.

The market is fiercely competitive, as new models, the cost of implementing new regulations and investor appetite for alternative strategies all exert lasting pressure on margins and inflows. Yet, opportunities abound in this new landscape.

Scaled Risk helps clients to build the technological capability to address the challenges and seize the opportunities in the market. By automating data integration, management and analysis in an agile platform, Scaled Risk removes the technical barriers to digital transformation to deliver a better customer experience, product innovation and operational efficiency.

MiFID II cost and charges disclosure

Automating your Costs and Charges reporting chain eliminates the tedious manual tasks involved in cleaning up and upgrading data quality, while strengthening regulatory compliance.

Multi-criteria analysis of performance and risk

Decouple your performance and risk analyses with an aggregate intraday view of all instruments. Segment by any category and choose your benchmark.

Track assets under management and performance day-by-day

Accurately pinpoint inflow and outflow trends and react quickly to suggest targeted sales actions for each investor category.

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