A team of experts and a new-generation platform for your business

Scaled Risk revolutionizes how firms in the financial sector use data

To understand our clients, offer the right solutions and optimize security

We are data and finance experts

Scaled Risk understands the power and complexity of data in the financial world better than anyone. Our entire team of engineers, product developers, consultants and sales personnel have a background in financial services.

We innovate and develop some of the most innovative technologies in the world.

Distributed event-based systems, multithreaded development, machine learning, cloud: each and every day, Scaled Risk pushes the envelope and the limits of the possible to deliver an unrivalled product experience

We are recognized and supported by leading investors

Scaled Risk understands better than anyone the importance and complexity of data around the world
financial. Engineers, product, consultants or sales representatives: 3/4 of the Scaled Risk team has experience in financial services.

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