Because your data are precious, you cannot afford having them stored by an exotic solution with questionable future. Based on the Open Source HBase/Hadoop technologies, our software leverages on layers already heavily used by large international firms.

Hadoop is also supported by a large IT community and distributed by major IT players. Big Data is of Big Volume, unlimited volumes would be more accurate. Let’s not forget about what it offers as side dishes:a real 365/24/7 availability, even during upgrades, some high calculation capabilities, low hardware costs and access to any type of Data. In a nutshell, it is actually the best technology to build an intensive computing, high data volume and fault tolerant financial software.


From its very beginning, the company has been part of the Hadoop History. With big names of the industry we have collaborated to make Hadoop “enterprise class” and more specifically HBase. We have significantly contributed to make it more available (MTTR enhancement) and with lower latencies.

We are still one of the very few European companies involved directly in Hadoop Apache projects.


Scaled Risk is compatible with all Hadoop/HBase distributions from HortonWorks, Cloudera, Mapr, or the standard Apache.