We know how difficult it is to estimate how Big Data and Scaled Risk in particular will help your organization. That is why we propose a Proof Of Concept package that includes:

  • End to end estimate of the project from it definition to its implementation.
  • Technical requirement, architecture definition, cost projections and project planning.
  • Implementation and testing.

At the end of the Proof Of Concept you will have proven the following:

  • The low layers Hadoop and HBase properties for your project.
  • The hardware needed for your future production cluster.
  • The missing parts that need to be developed.
  • The total cost of development for the project, including the integration effort.


Scaled Risk professional services team gives our customers the best level of expertise on Scaled Risk solutions and the entire Hadoop ecosystem.  

Our consultants are experts in Big Data solutions architecture and fine-tuning. We secure the solid foundation for our software with a validation of your Hadoop cluster installation and configuration.  

Our consulting team will enable the right deployment of our solutions with installation, configuration, and specific developments services. We work closely in partnership with your business and IT teams to accelerate knowledge and skills transfer. 

Scaled Risk provides also on-demand training packages delivered by our experts.


We provide a 24/7 support to our customers, with a direct access to our expert engineers for quick and efficient answers and solutions.

Scaled Risk powers business-critical applications that need a dedicated support team. Thus, we connect you directly to an engineer with a deep experience in Hadoop, HBase and Scaled Risk deployment and production support.

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