Flexible reportS and full audit MADE EASY

We offer flexibility, built-in audit trail and unlimited number of versions for every data. Custom compliance reports can be rapidly built and enhanced as regulation rapidly changes.

Our solution relies on a fully secured storage with unlimited capabilities. Scaled Risk is able to store and manage structured  transactional data as well as unstructured document such as voice trading records or pdf reports.

Thanks to the real time capabilities our platform supports the implementation of trade execution workflows that comply with Dodd-Frank or EMIR constraints. 


WHITE PAPER:  Will Big Data Save You From MiFID II Hell?


Will Big Data Save You From MiFID II Hell?

Read more by downloading our white paper on MiFID II.

Regardless of the kind of Big Data solution your organization intends to implement to address MiFID II & MAR (in-house project, vendor toolsets, integrated platform...), do make sure that is solves the Scalability / Integrity / Real-Time equation. If it does not, you may end up with a shiny new big data platform which, unfortunately, will not solve your regulatory issues.

We explain in this White Paper how big is the challenge, and how Scaled Risk solve the issues on two practical uses cases.

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