The self-service revolution for portfolio & risk analytics

Scaled Risk's platform allow every financial firm to build real-time reports and analytics in a breeze - without compromising on business specifics or data governance.


All your data, all your reports in a single,
end-to-end platform.


Smart, self-service data management & report building.

See how faster and more productive your teams can get with Scaled Risk


Collect live raw data from any system. Clean data automatically. Explore everything with a google-like engine.

  • Get intraday data from your OMS/PMS/MDM & other sources (market data, web data …)

  • Ceate a synchronized “image” copy of source data. Not transformation / ETL required. Just import as is.

  • Configure cross-quality checks between sources


Meet our BI-inspired report builder and create live performance or risk analytics in hours, not weeks.

  • Choose one or reconcile multiple data sources : trades, prices, inventory, product data, market data

  • Use drag-and-drop dataprep functions : clean, filter, pivot …

  • Aggregate metrics with simple excel-like functions or use our quantitative finance library for more advanced analytics


Enjoy the power of Apache Spark to run R and Python models at scale on your Scaled Risk data

  • Scaled Risk comes with a lab module to let you deploy R and Python models on full history data

  • Use integrated notebooks or connect your favourite Python or R IDE

  • Visualize results in Scaled Risk or connect any BI tool


More simplicity, more flexibility, more power

We’re an end-to-end analytics machine that will give you much more than your portfolio analytics software or your datawarehouse/BI tool.

Real Time.png


Stay always up-to-date : if the data source updates, the report updates.



Enjoy elastic storage and computing power thanks to our distributed architecture.



Follow the pace : our multi-model allows you to enrich reports with new sources.



Connect Scaled Risk to your workflows with our web API serving 150+ microservices.

Unique audit-proof governance and data security.

Scaled Risk understand that firms evolves in an ever-stricter regulatory environment. That’s why our engineers made sure that any data, any computation could be retrieved and explained.

Data versionning.png

Data versioning

If a data is updated, Scaled Risk creates a new version and keeps the old one.


Data lineage

Each report created knows where the data comes from, and when it arrived. Just ask.

Audit trail.png

Audit trail

Every action taken in the platform (access, create, publish..) is recorded.

time machine.png


As-of-date querying allows to see past data and re-run past reports with that data.


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