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  • Store and search any kind of data, transactions or documents, files…

  • Real-time view of data

  • Any volume

  • Internal or public sources

  • Adapts very easily to model updates

  • Golden copy, Audit trail



  • Build multi-source reports

  • Real-time alerting

  • Drag-and-drop interfaces

  • Customizable web dashboards

  • PDF, CSV, Excel exports


Aggregate, Store in original format,
Clean & Enrich, Analyze

Based on a « schema-on-read » philosophy, Scaled Risk’s data lake removes 80% of all data cleaning, preparation and reconciliation tasks, letting the remaining 20% into the hands of business users. No code, no complex querying – just results. 

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  1. Connection and import of streams and files of heterogeneous data

  2. "Data is indexed and stored « As Is », in its original state, with its original model. Everything can be explored with a, google- like search engine.

  3. Business users identify relevant data sources and reconcile selected parts they need on-the- fly. 

  4. Users build multi-source reports in minutes even with millions of points, thanks to Scaled Risk’s In-Memory OLAP Cube 

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