Scaled Risk is founding member of the France Fintech Association

Scaled Risk and thirty-five other companies from the French FinTech industry are banding together to establish an association aiming at federating and representing them: France FinTech.

This new association welcomes all businesses using innovative and disruptive technological or business models and aiming at addressing current or emerging issues in the financial services industry.

The French FinTech sector is particularly active, already encompassing several young companies across the whole spectrum of financial services: banking, insurance, investment, asset management, payments, consulting, etc.

FinTech companies from the US and Great Britain, among others, have brought together their ecosystem to give them a global exposure. France, as a historical land of innovation in the financial industry, had to promote its assets: its most innovating startups. Such is the ambition of France FinTech. 

Read the full press release of the France Fintech Launch