On-demand live and historical data analysis and alerts to comply with MiFID II / MAR requirements

We offer both classic and 'Big Data' types of analytics. We can integrate your reporting and OLAP tools or propose some new-generation ones: distributed and real-time, and machine learning.

We also provide a set of machine learning models for clustering and classifying, predictive analysis tools and graphs and charts for mining you data in different ways. 

These tools are very powerful for:

  • Front office, trading and risk management: real-time analytics and alerts, what-if simulation, isolated and risky trades detections.
  • Middle Office and back office: assisted error detection, abnormal patterns detection.
  • Audit and fraud detection: internal and external fraud, straight through processing inconsistencies, full audit trail analysis.

These disruptive tools are the perfect complement to the classic analytics, limits and rules engine that have been running for years in production.


Low latency, real-time, event-driven architecture 

Sub-second end-to-end analytics: real-time, distributed, in-memory OLAP cube and charts

Streamline process, consistent view

High availability and scalability

Cost-effective: reduced TCO 


WHITE PAPER:  Will Big Data Save You From MiFID II Hell?


Will Big Data Save You From MiFID II Hell?

Read more by downloading our white paper on MiFID II.

Regardless of the kind of Big Data solution your organization intends to implement to address MiFID II & MAR (in-house project, vendor toolsets, integrated platform...), do make sure that is solves the Scalability / Integrity / Real-Time equation. If it does not, you may end up with a shiny new big data platform which, unfortunately, will not solve your regulatory issues.

We explain in this White Paper how big is the challenge, and how Scaled Risk solve the issues on two practical uses cases.