Scaled Risk's platform makes performance, risk & compliance analytics easier, faster and cheaper for asset managers & private banks

Data transformation for financial services

Scaled Risk’s cloud-ready platform allows perfomance,
risk & regulatory teams to make faster and better decisions,
while ensuring regulator-proof compliance.


Banks & asset managers rely on Scaled Risk everyday to drive operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

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From multi-benchmark reporting to tailored-made, deep-dive attribution analytics : add custom data, drill-down easily and share results in a breeze.
No IT involved.



Strenthen your organization's risk culture with real-time risk analytics that truly match your investment strategies. Build impactful reports for executive committees.



KYC, PRIIPS KIIDS, MIF2 Costs & fees, disclosure... Use Scaled Risk as your single platform to build reports that stay regulator-proof across time with automated reviews and time-machine audit. 


Data Management

Reconcile heterogeneous product reference data within a flexible data model, without altering source models. Consolidate positions within a single repository and run real-time quality controls.


Sales & Customers

Load all your transactional data in Scaled Risk for a 360° view of your firm's activity and performance. Build powerful customer analytics to find blind spot and anticipate new customer needs.


Data Quality

Financial institutions make better decisions, reduce risk and improve customer experience with quality data. Use Scaled Risk's Alerts module to get a real-time, 360° view on data quality and take the actions needed.


Portfolio and risk managers need to make decisions faster than ever before.

Scaled Risk makes data handy and building reports easy.


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