Industrialize your KYC/AML review processes by centralizing customer data. automate processes through business rules & machine learning


Solution Brief: Fraud, KYC & AML

Solution Brief: Fraud, KYC & AML

Solution Brief: Bringing Big Data and Data Science to Fraud & KYC-AML Control

As fraudulent schemes increase in complexity and regulatory pressure intensifies, financial institutions and corporate treasuries leverage advanced data-science techniques to improve crime detection and operational efficiency. 

Here is a new way to prospect your data, find business opportunities, make controls more accurate and efficient. Scaled Risk automatically pops up data that are unusual or that match fraudulent or erroneous patterns. These adaptive rules learn from your feedback that feed the algorithm for its learning process.

Big data technologies give you the ability to have the entire dataset of your organization at your fingertip, which is the ideal way to build efficient analytics, back-test them.

Scaled Risk implements a data workflow that facilitates feedback from users across your organization. It simply marks data to confirm that the detection model is efficient or that it needs improvement. Data Scientists are notified about this and can integrate these valuable inputs for constantly enhancing the analytics.

Under the hood of Big Data is a massively parallel architecture where each node handles a subset of the data storage and processing. This architecture offers full scalability of the analytics at learning stage and at execution stage. This is how Scaled Risk enables financial real-time analytics.


Scaled Risk was cited in Forrester’s TechRadar™: Risk Management, Q4 2015, a leading independent report surveying 225 vendors, customers and thought leaders in Risk Management technologies.

Scaled Risk was listed in the Fraud Management Category among 11 other vendors. Forrester’s survey also highlighted the critical business value and time-to-market of Fraud Management technologies. According to the analysts, such solutions “offer the highest level of business value to organizations today (compared to the other categories in this TechRadar)”. Fraud Management solutions are also here to stay : Forrester does not expect the demand to decline before at least 10 years.

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