Centralization & management of reference and transaction data with a data lake approach.

Solution Brief: Data Management

Solution Brief: Data Management

Solution brief: Asset Managers, Custodians, Rethink Your Data Management With Big Data

With Solvency II & MiFID II putting a tremendous pressure on asset managers’ and custodians’ data management infrastructures and processes, forward-looking firms take this as an opportunity to embrace new and innovative data solutions. 

The dream of one single data referential for your organization comes true. Thanks to its exceptional technical capabilities Scaled Risk will store Static data, Market Data and any report document of any kind your organization needs to keep for reference and operational purposes.

We provide:

  • Real-time update of the repository
  • Unlimited Data history
  • Instant search and access to any kind of structured and unstructured formats
  • Time series management

Our data referential solution is transactional, real-time with thin grained access rights and thus will manage safely the golden copy of your reference data.



WHITE PAPER: Next-Gen Trade Repository

WHITE PAPER: Next-Gen Trade Repository

Read more by downloading our white paper. We explain how Using Big Data low layers as foundations of your local Trade and Market Data repository, and why using Hadoop and HBase is the most efficient and cost effective option.