Customer Stories

Asset Managers, Banks, Wealth Managers and Custodians of all sizes rely on Scaled Risk for simple, flexible and auditable analytics. 


Custom Multi-Benchmark Analytics

Tier-1 Asset Manager brings custom multi-benchmarks to performance analytics


Facing rigidity and performance issues with its datawarehouse, a French Asset Manager used Scaled Risk's self-service reporting platform to add create multi-benchmark performance reporting with offical and custom benchmarks.


MIF2 Cost & Charges

Tier-1 Asset Manager deploys MIF2 Cost & Charges report in 2 weeks


Report teams used Scaled Risk to reconcile siloed databases of Product, Shares and Fees to deploy a MIF2-compliant auditable report of Cost & Charges for different product families.


Liquidity Risk

Consortium of Asset Managers use Scaled Risk to test custom R&D models for liquidity management and stress-testing


A consortium of leading Asset Managers, Custodian and a University relied on Scaled Risk to deploy a rich risk model to anticipate liquidity events in open-ended funds. Scaled Risk's big data architecture allowed to run 10,000-trajectories Monte-carlo simulations on 10 years of historical data for 100 funds, in just 15 minutes.