In the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008, banks and funds found themselves with a challenging task: that of rebuilding a sustainable growth, based on trust and transparency.

Not that they had too much of a choice - facing a flood of tighter regulations and fierce competition from digital-native fintechs, banks and funds need to adapt.

In this quest for trust and transparency, firms’ ability to handle data with ease and effectiveness became critical. It became critical when they needed to assess the relevance of a new, customer-centric product in a matter of days, not months. It became critical when they needed to analyse and share the performance of their products in real-time, not next week. It became critical when they needed to refine their risk models on a full data history - not just a sample. It became critical when they had to deliver 10 reports to the regulator instead of just one. And it became all the more critical when they had to explain to the regulator why and how they did all this, 5 or 10 years later.

The software and the tech industry did not fully grasp the consequences of this revolution on traditional analytical systems. Faced with more volume, more formats, more requests, suddenly these systems seemed too slow, too rigid, and too opaque.

That’s why we created Scaled Risk.

Built on flexible and scalable technologies, Scaled Risk brings a novel take on analytics for financial markets : agile, simple, powerful and regulatory-friendly.

Agile - because business and regulatory demands change all the time. Traditional software or rigid datawarehouses simply can’t follow the pace.

Simple - because nobody has time for a 6-month project when all you need is a new asset class in your reporting.

Powerful - because we know you need your analytics now, not tomorrow. That’s why we created Scaled Risk on the same tech that Facebook uses for its Messenger service. It’s real-time and highly scalable.

Regulatory-friendly - because regulators become stricter every day. Every data or report must be instantly auditable, even 10 years after.